“Draumsnillingar” is out now!

We’ve just released our third single! Now in Icelandic (which will please our grandmother a great deal!). Draumsnillingar means, if translated directly “dream-masters” and is about the dreamers of this world. It can sometimes be hard to be a dreamer in a world of realists, but after all the dreamers are also the ones that inspire and give us hope. The song is about allowing yourself to dream and to follow those dreams, although it can be tricky and disheartening at times. Ösp wrote this song for her brother Örn few Christmases ago (homemade presents are the best aren’t they?) as they have that in common to be dream-masters. Mixing and mastering was as before in the brilliant hands of Arnar Guðjónsson and Styrmir Hauksson.


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