We are beyond excited to announce our very first tour in the the UK this July! We will start they journey by visiting the stunning Isle of Lewes where we’ll be performing at Hebridean Celtic Festival. We will also be joining amazing lineups at festivals, such as Cambridge Folk Festival, Belladrum Festival, Doune The Rabbit Hole and Under Canvas. We’ve teamed up with the amazing folks at Active Events, Scotland’s leading international music agency, who’ve made this adventure happen. See below for full tour program. See you sooon!

Happy New year dear friends and thank you for all the beautiful moments we’ve shared last year, and what a year it was! We visited beautiful places, played for a new audience and made new friends, from Snæfellsnes to Gothenburg to the beautiful region of Ostrobothnia! We’re so excited about 2023, which starts with a trip to Glasgow, where we will be a part of this year’s Celtic Connections!

If you are around in Glasgow, come and see us on January 25th The Mackintosh Church where we’ll be sharing the stage with Claire Hastings and Gwilym Bowen Rhys. Get tickets here


Good morning lovelies! We are pleased to announce that our new music video to Wicked Heart is out! It was shot and directed by our very talented friend Elisa L. Iannacone, who also did the music video to Summer Leaves. This video was shot last September, at the same time we were shooting Summer Leaves. We had one day to spare so Elisa, being the creative genius that she is, got the idea to use that day to shoot another video.. why not! We are very pleased with the outcome. The song dives into the heartbreak and struggles of codependency. Although the initial subject of this song is quite sad, there is also hope and the realisation that you yourself are the maker of your own happiness, and when you realise that you can be set free.

Somewhere ’round the corner
of her sleepy mind,
she remembers clearly
the one she left behind

And When she thinks about it
tears may start to show
for though he was her true love
she had to go

But they caught the falling leaves
so the summer wouldn’t end.
So just a little longer he could hold her hand.
Hold her hand.

Time can make you sorry
for things you haven’t done
for the chances that you left behind
and words you shared with none.

And as the light’s now swiftly fading
and silence fills the air
will you lead or will you follow
your road to anywhere?

So they caught the falling leaves
so the summer wouldn’t end.
So just a little longer he could hold her hand.
Hold her hand.

As the moon now softly passes
I’ve come to understand
why you had to part, your heart from mine
and let go of my hand

But we caught the falling leaves
so the summer wouldn’t end.
So just a little longer you could hold my hand.
Hold my hand.

We are over the moon to share with you our new music video, shot and directed by the amazing cinematographer Elisa L. Iannacone at Reframe House.

The music video was shot in Svarfaðardalur valley, where we are originally from, last
September. We got our beautiful family to be in the video, including four generations of women, from our 93 year old grandmother to 12 year old daughter of Örn.

Elisa wanted to incorporate the feelings of nostalgia and bittersweetness in the piece through a visual journey into the realm of the imagination. We hope you enjoy it!

We’ve just released our third single! Now in Icelandic (which will please our grandmother a great deal!). Draumsnillingar means, if translated directly “dream-masters” and is about the dreamers of this world. It can sometimes be hard to be a dreamer in a world of realists, but after all the dreamers are also the ones that inspire and give us hope. The song is about allowing yourself to dream and to follow those dreams, although it can be tricky and disheartening at times. Ösp wrote this song for her brother Örn few Christmases ago (homemade presents are the best aren’t they?) as they have that in common to be dream-masters. Mixing and mastering was as before in the brilliant hands of Arnar Guðjónsson and Styrmir Hauksson.


Our second single, Wicked Heart, is out now on all main streaming platforms and online music shops! We are super excited to share it with you. It was written by Örn, quite a few years ago and he had for some reason never found the right platform for it, until we started this sibling project. It’s about the struggles of codependency and the importance to stand up for your self. We are after all the makers of our own happiness. We recorded it in our parent’s basement, here in north Iceland during covid lockdown, like we did with Summer Leaves. Mixing and mastering was in the hands of the brilliant Arnar Guðjónsson (mixing) and Styrmir Hauksson (mastering). We hope you enjoy it!


Our debut single, Summer Leaves is out now on all the main streaming platforms and online music shops! We are so happy to be able to share this song with you. It was written by Ösp, and was the first song she wrote after moving back to Iceland after 6 years in London. It’s about lovers parting ways and more importantly, it’s about finding your own path to follow. Arnar Guðjónsson did the mixing and Styrmir Hauksson did the mastering. Our dear friend Valeria Pozzo played violin. We hope you enjoy it!